Your privacy is important to us.

The information provided by you is secure and will be used according to law by Northern Health and Ambulance Victoria to provide healthcare services.

The video consultation is not recorded.

Please contact Northern Health’s or Ambulance Victoria’s Privacy Officer if you have any questions OR if you do not want your information to be used as set out above, you can contact the VED service on

To see Northern Health’s privacy policy, please click here.

The main benefits of the VED telehealth service is your ability to avoid travelling to the ED and avoiding the waiting time to be seen.

The main risks or limitations of the telehealth service are:

  • The video consult will not be exactly the same and/or complete as a face-to-face consult as some assessments cannot be performed by the attending paramedics or VED clinician (eg. pathology and radiology) – these may have to be performed after your VED consultation by a third-party provider
  • There could be technical problems that affect the video consult

If you experience problems accessing the service please contact VVED on 9485 9070 or contact

To see TheClinician’s Privacy Policy, please click here.